Remove the banner using Uipath



inspected code:


i tried to disable the banner pop in the webiste…

Code for banner:

<div class="new-feature-announcement-wrapper border rounded py-2 pl-2  pr-2" uipath_custom_id="5" style="
display:None"><div class="d-flex" style="">

try to change the above code in style syntax

< style =“display: none”> banner is disabled…

how to pass above code in uipath…


Hi @Shyam_Pragash

Are you trying to modify the HTML in the background using UiPath?
Can you please share more details about your use case/problem statement?

As an alternative, it may be easier to use UiPath to click on the :x: icon visible on the banner (towards the right edge)

Use image exists to see if the image is on the screen then use click image on the cross to close the tab, or just use click image with continue on error as true and a shorter timeout

Hi @RPAForEveryone @aquinn

it is a banner message it popus anytime … can’t predicted timing it showing…

it will come in the website i have close it… Cross icon also i tried but no use so that i try to disable at time website is open i am going to disable in the HTML code…

@RPAForEveryone your want more means ???


You could run a process in parallel to detect whether it has appeared and then close it using click image

Hi @aquinn

i have run many process in the site…

like clik, data scrap, select item , etc,…


Try using the Set Web Attribute activity. You should be able to specify the selector and then set the value style="display:None"