Remove Template From Library

How to delete templates from the Orchestrator library?

There is no direct way to delete the templates /libraries directly from Studio instead they can be deleted from the Orchestrator/Custom /local feed based on where the templates were being published.

Approach #1: Orchestrator Feed

  1. If the template was published to Orchestrator Tenant Libraries feed
  2. Navigate to Orchestrator >Tenants > Packages
  3. Within Packages you will find two tabs namely Packages and Libraries
  4. Validate if the template/library you published is present within in the Packages tab
  5. Click on 3 dots on the respective Package and delete it. Refer to the screenshot below,

  1. If the necessary package is not present, then navigate to Libraries Tab
  2. Validate if the required template/library is present, if so click on the library and you will have an option to delete it .Refer to the screenshots below

Approach 2: Custom

  1. If the templates / libraries were published to the Custom feed, then navigate to the default location as shown below and delete the respective .nupkg file
  2. If the template was not published to default location then navigate the path to where the template was published and the .nupkg file can be deleted from that respective location. Refer to the screenshot below

  1. Log in to Host Tenant as Admin and then delete the library. Login to Tenant--->Settings--->Deployment
  2. If there is a library feed as a host tenant, libraries are stored in the host feed and are available to all tenants. Read more on the Configuring Tenant Settings
  3. Libraries can only be deleted by a Super Admin in Orchestrator Host level and cannot be deleted at the tenant level Deleting Package Versions Of A Library
  4. Log in as Super Admin to Host Tenant and delete the library but not on the default tenant
  5. If the library feed is selected as Host before the upload, the Orchestrator Admin at the host level can only delete it
  6. On the Orchestrator login page, select tenant as Host (Super Admin) and username as Admin and login
  7. Go to Libraries and then delete if it is not required.