Remove rows duplicated rows in both two different data table

Requisitions DT1

Rows with empty field in required columns DT2

I need to remove in DT1 the info / rows in DT2


Can you share expected output?


I have an excel file with requisitions, so I first filtered those with error and I got an output data table with the errors. But I need to remove errors from the original data table so I can process the requisitions later

It might be , there is a way I can delete those rows from the in_Requisitions Dt in the same Filtering step

I think if I might filter and remove those with errors. To get the “To be process data table” Might work


For now, can you try the following expression?

dt1 = dt1.AsEnumerable.Except(dt2.AsEnumerable,DataRowComparer.Default).CopyToDataTable

Note:if there is possibility result is empty, need to add some logic to handle for this case.



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