Remove Row

I have some information that I am filtering by user “CEDULA”, but I need to delete a whole line that corresponds to a user in order to get a percentage with these values, but then I need to filter from my DataTable only this user to get a filter and add it to the previous value

I need remove

After filtering that value you remove from the filter to get a percentage and add it to the previous value, the column “CEDULA” corresponds to the identification of the users2020.10 Planilla.xlsx (23.0 KB)

@Beatriz_Eugenia_Duqu - I am not sure if I understood your question correctly, but from what I did, I think you can create multiple copies of your main datatable, then use “Filter DataTable” to keep/remove rows as required from each copy. When done, you can “Merge” all the datatable copies to get the final datatable.