Remove Row in Excel with Particular Date

i have Excel with Data and Dates but i need to remove rows with Particular date,
let us say i need just dates with 2021 and write the extracted rows in other Datatable

so i need to remove all rows with other ending as 2021. thats mean i need to extract the rows only with 2021 . any help or idea ?

Hi @Aramia
Read data with read range and store in datatable DT1.
Please use filter datatable Activity.
Put column name in configuration and in value section put β€œ2021” and in condition put contains. If you want to keep data then select keep and if you want to remove then select remove.

Put input Datatable and output datatable

Thanx ,
it worked , but i need now to work with my Output Datatble as :
Tasks with the Taskname schema: LD#Q-C
L=Letter, D=Digit, Q=Digit representing a Quarter, C=Digit representing a counter
Are belonging to the following task:
Task with the same Year AND same LD AND same Quarter assigned to the particular Team
Example: B1#2-1 Year=2021, Quarter=2, Task=B1, Team as in the Team Column from B1#2-1
i need to do the following
⦁ Group the relevant tasks on Year, Quarter and Team
⦁ Ensure that LD#Q-C tasks are correctly grouped as well
⦁ Sum up the amount for each group individually
Generate a Report with the Columns: Year,Quarter,Team,Amount
. i dont know how to start . i do for each in the OutputData and then how can i split this to Year Quarter Team and amount
Data.xlsx (9.3 KB)

You can try with Linq

d1.asEnumerable.where(Function(x1) x1(β€œDate”) contains β€œ2021”).copyToDatatable

This will also return datatable.


Hi @Aramia
For this scenario give me time i will look it then I can give you suggest you solution.

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@raja.arslankhan , any idea or suggest ?

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