Remove row from source .xls on "For each row" activity

Hello, buddies. I’m perfoming the steps teached on the following video, but differently from the video, I would like to remove the row from the source file that has already passed by the “For Each Row” activity, letting on the source file only the remaining rows that hasnt passed by the “For Each Row” activity yet. How can I do that, please?

Hello @bipenett ,

this might be possible.
I am thinking that you can do this like:

  1. In your flow, after you finish with the current row, you can have an activity remove data row from Source datatable
  2. After this, put a Write range to write in the Source Excel file.

Of course, will create a sort of overflow, because you write to the source after you process each row, but if this is your scenario and you can afford…why not.

Might be other scenarios, but only this came to me at this late hour.