Remove part of text in string between two fixed words


I have extracted a text from a PDF and I need to remove everything between two words.

Everything between MATEN and (m2) needs to be removed, and this differs in each PDF, so I can’t use a standard number of characters.

I used this workflow, but I can’t get it to work. Then I need to delete this text from a different string.

Extract Text Between Labels.xaml (6.1 KB)

Any ideas or recommendations?

Thanks in advanced!

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I tried to open the xaml and i think there is some issue with my studio
can i have a screenshot of the text (a sample) from where we need to extract the word between two words
Cheers @SJonsson

You need to delete the new lines in the input string, because u will get an error in format.

If u delete the new lines…

And run the file…


Hello @SJonsson, Is your problem solved? If yes, Please let me know how :slight_smile: Thanks

No in the end we did not solve it as there were more issues with the PDFs. Thus the effort to try to solve this was not considered worthwhile. I am sorry I can’t help.

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Thanks @SJonsson, No issue :slight_smile: