Remove Old Versions on Machines

On some of my bots it states 2 versions, will it only ever use the latest version?

How do I remove the older versions?


At the installation path you may see folder with different versions of the UiPath.

I’m not sure this will help, but you can try to remove older versions of the UiPath.


We can remove them
Just click on the three dots at the right side end and click on remove



You cannot remove the older versions on Machines directly because it has a Robot attached to it.

Follow below steps to remove the older versions

  1. First remove the Robot associated with that machine.

  2. Then Remove the older versions on machine

Hmm Why not you can remove the robots as well right
Then why they have given the option as REMOVE in machine tab

It looks like standard machine
Which means one machine one robot

So deleting machine means deleting its corresponding robot as well