Remove new log message of modern activity - Use Application/Browser

Any possible way to remove the new logging message due to modern UI activity of Use Application/Browser like below

Audit: Using Web App. Browser: IE URL:/

Kah Liang


Hi @Kah_Liang,
Unfortunately, it’s not possible. Is there any reason why would you like to remove it?

Hi @Pablito ,

Having the log message was fine until it becomes redundant and messy in a loop like for each, while or do while. If there is an option to not showing it in log it would be better when we need to track down anything in the log without all these duplicated audit logs.

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Kah Liang

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Would you be able to show me an example of such behaviour where there are duplicated audit logs?

I have a similar use case. I have a bot that downloads a bunch of files but when the file is downloaded an empty chrome window opens up. this causes hundreds of log messages that just say-

“Audit: Using Web App. Browser: Chrome URL:”

There should be a way to disable this

For instance, I am using ‘Use Application/Browser’ in a for each loop where I get text.

Every time the workflow loops through use application/browser, it will log 'Audit: Using web app…" and can be redundant if we are looping for many times. We will have 15 Audit Log message if looped 15 times and that is not useful when tracking back log message for information.

Kah Liang

Hi @Kah_Liang,
Thanks for the example. I will push it forward to our team. If I will have something I will let you know :slight_smile:


Hi @Pablito

Thank you for that. Looking forward to any update.

Kah Liang

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Can I suggest an option to enable the audit message per activity? Then we’d be able to control which ones we would like to see, e.g. the first time a website is loaded up

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Hi @g.ward,
Could you expand your thoguhts a little bit?


So right now as other posters have identified, every time a use application is called, it prints one of these log messages, which is clogging up the log with needless repetition:

In this image, the same message is posted so many times because of a use application within a loop, and is not helpful. Even without the loops, it appears far too often - we like to use a check app state every time a reusable component is called for example, and split our use applications into chunks following a system, to make them more readable and to enforce certain practise.

Here is a simplified example of how a component template might look, for illustration:

<Reusable component to click a button on some web portal, as part of a larger deployment>
Sequence 1: Check web portal is open to begin with
-Use application with check app state
Sequence 2: Perform the component action
-use application with the click activity
Step 3: Check action was successful by looking for a post condition
-use application with a check app state for whatever is expected to happen, e.g. a new page or label appearing

Currently, this would produce 3 of the Audit log messages, usually all with the same URL so adding nothing. If I could choose to turn on the audit log on only the first one (say with a properties setting on the use application scope, ‘show in audit log’ or something), that would tell me what the component was using, and I wouldn’t needed to be told 2+ more times depending on the complexity of the component (or indeed, every single time a use application is called within a for loop). As you can see in the above screenshot, these messages drown out the log messages that were manually put in place to watch a robot from the orchestrator. They also use a lot of data, over time.

Note, I can see a counter argument being that you could try and reduce the amount of use application calls by merging them, but this would both be untidy and offer less control. I wouldn’t want to have to write a data table within a use application scope, for example. There are many other such niggly reasons why we like to keep them separate within a single component, including aesthetic.

Thanks for listening to my rambling!


Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile: I will push it forward to our devs.


I would also recommend that to disable the audit Log.

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Any updates on this? I would like to remove Audit logs.

Hi @kali,
Welcome to the Community!

I reported this to the proper team. They are looking for a solution.

I would als appreciate having an option for disabling these log messages.

And so would I! You should be able to disable it or shift its priority to Trace so that you can avoid it needlessly filling the log file.


Any updates regarding this topic?


Yes, we have plans for one of the future updates to be able to select from those log types that are needed.

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The latest version (UIA Automation 21.12), has a new flag in Project Settings > UIA Modern > Robot logging > Log audit information, that allows you to disable these logs