Remove junk rows from excel file

How to remove the entire rows from already existing excel file using uipath? Also, I want to use a substring to remove that row. Please help me with this. Here are the required files
texas.xaml (37.5 KB)
texas.xlsx (9.9 KB)
I want to remove the rows which has the substring “adredir?ad_business_id” in the URL. Thanks for helping

Hi @Nikhil_Khapre,

  1. Use read range activity and store in datatable.
    2 Use for each row and use an if activity
  2. In if activity use the condition row(“column of url”).tostring.contains(“adredir?ad_business_id”)
  3. When the above condition is true use remove datarow activity and pass the row variable.


Please find attach example (29.0 KB)

  1. Read the excel in data table
  2. Use Filter Data Table activity to remove rows which has the substring “adredir?ad_business_id” in the URL column
  3. remove all rows from the excel sheet (if you want output data on same excel sheet / workbook)
    4)Write data to excel from the output data table used in the Filter Data Table activity.

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