Remove imports from within UiStudio




Reposting as it seems it didn’t get transferred on forum migration.

Please add the ability to remove namespace imports from within UiStudio. Unless I’m missing something, currently a namespace is added on first activity usage, but there is no way to remove it outside of manually editing the xaml.

This need has resurfaced after merge of UiPath.Core and UiPath.Framework activities, as right now some of the classes need to be fully qualified (f.e. BusinessRuleException).
It also makes solving other, non-UiPath library, naming conflicts more annoying than it needs to be.



Totally agree. You are able to remove custom activities e.g. we had a package called XXXActivities which had an error associated with it when we moved the files to a newer version of UiPath. I was able to simply press delete on the activity and it resolved it. However, you are right there UiPath.Core namespace was not copied across which meant that Queue activities no longer worked. After importing UiPath.Core namespace you get the ambiguous error on BusinessRuleException.

Out of interest does it matter whether one uses UiPath.Core or UiPath.FrameworkActivities version of BusinessRuleException?


Not really, at least at this moment, but do keep in mind that Framework Activities has been merged to Core, so any later changes/bugfixes might not get reflected and in the future (guessing) Framework package will follow the V7 compatibility pack route and be deprecated completely, possibly requiring remapping/redoing some of the workflows (depending on how it’s handled internally).

It actually almost bit me once, when doing a small rework of one reusable workflow in 2016.2 - used a ForEach from Core instead of Framework - and then pushing the changes to environment with 2016.1. Tests caught it and it was a very easy fix, but I can definitely see something similar slipping through.