Remove from excel 1 when column in excel 2 = Y


I have two excel spreadsheets, both of them contain column “ID” and these match. However, I want to delete the row from excel 1 when a column in excel 2 is equal to “Y”.

see examples attached


Hello @aquinn, Try this

  1. Read excel 1 and 2, and store them as a DT1, DT2 Variable.
  2. Use filter data table activity, and store then in DT3
  3. Use For each Data table activity and loop the DT3
    3.1 Use filter activity in it.
    3.2 Pass Input and output as a DT1
    3.3 Select the Remove option and refer the below Screenshot
  4. Write the DT1 in different Excel sheet using write range activity.

Hello, thank you for this.

Would it be possible to attach your workflow here?

If you provide a Sample Excel sheet, i will send workflow using the Excel sheets

I have used this and it works now, thank you!

Happy Automation :smile:

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