Remove everything after first comma in an entire column of a datatable without for each

Hi everyone,

My requirement is to remove everything after the occurrence of the first comma in an entire column of a datatable. Please find the input and expected output below. My data table is huge and hence I cannot use for each loop. Please provide a code to do the same.



Hello @ammohan

You can use Read Range to read the excel and then use Output datatable to convert to string. The use Text to columns or Generate Datatable acitvity.


Hi Rahul,

I basically want to use invoke code to remove everything characters that come after the first comma for the entire column through an invoke code. The data table I have is huge with 76k records.


@ammohan ,
Please find the below code and use in invoke activity

DT.asenumerable.Tolist.Foreach(Sub(r) r(“Input”)=r(“Input”).tostring.split(","c).first.tostring).Copytodatatable

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Use split operation you will get output, Please find the below example

Ex: Input is a variable
Input =“12344, 87907”

  Syntax - Input.toString.split(",".ToCharArray)(0) 

Using this syntax you will get Output as 12344


Hi @muhamed_fasil

I am getting the following error while using the code in invoke code.

Can you please help me to resolve it?

@ammohan ,
Please provide the datatable variable direction as inOut in the arguments of invoke activity

@muhamed_fasil Yes, I have given it as in/out. But still facing the same issue.

Hi @muhamed_fasil ,

I had to remove the .copytodatatable() part from the code and it worked.


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