Remove Duplicating Item Before Add to Queue

Hi guys,

I have an issue involve in the Queue Item in Orchestrator.

I do add to queue at the second times. However, some queue items that I added in the first time are continue to add to the Queue at next. So, a result is the process will be processed duplicated item.

Please support me How can I check Item in queue with data collection that is intended to add to queue first before data collection is added to queue?


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Hi @tnguyen449

Please check the post below and see if it helps to compare the data that’s already in SpecificContent of a queue item with the data that you want to add:

@tnguyen449 you are right. in 2017.1 we have added a reference field which is going to be “queryable” and can be used to enforce the unicity of an item in 2017.1 SP1 (one month)


Yes @badita. The latest release solve that problem. However, in some case, you cannot filter or at least you can check the new item with the entire item list from queue to avoid some risks that is made from client.

Do you have any ideas or solutions to solve this?