Remove duplicates, but record the removal

Hey all,

I know how to use the REMOVE DUPLICATES activity, but was wondering is there a way to achieve the same result, but also record which lines/data were removed?

MISSION: I have a large dtb, and have been told there MAY be duplicates in there, but the total of the table should still balance (numerically, and line count). So i was thinking i could somehow remove the duplicate lines, but could add them (AddDataRow activity) to adtbDuplicates, then in the final output merge dtbDuplicates back with dtbOutput (after all the calculations/manipulation was done to the non duplicates in dtbOutput). That way i would have a manipulated dtb that still balanced and had the initial line count intact, but the duplicate lines would be marked as such.


Is there some way to “for each row”, get all the variables, and compare to every other row, but ignore current row. if match found on another row, add to dtbDuplicates, if not found, add to dtbOutput.