Remove Duplicate Rows in a Data Table and Updating of a Column using LINQ

Good day fellow RPA Developers,

I have an INPUT data table dt_Transfer

From this data table, I want to perform the following:

  • If the “Record Type” column of one of the duplicate row(s) has a value of “R” it should be retained. If that “R” column value has a duplicate too, the first row should be returned and update the “Remarks” column to “Reversed”.
  • If the duplicate row(s) has a “O” value on “Record Type” column and it has duplicate row(s), then the first duplicate value should be returned and the “Remarks” should be updated to “Clawback.”
  • If there are no duplicates, the “Remarks” should leave as blank.

How can I implement this in a LINQ?

I already found a solution but it has many filtering and comparing activities using comabination of LINQ and UiPath Datatable Activities.

Refer to this workflow:
RemoveDuplicatewithSpecifiedColumnValue.xaml (24.4 KB)

But if someone has more efficient and more optimized code, please feel free to drop.

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Anthony Jr.

If you want to use only Linq, then refer to this.

Remove_Duplicate_Rows_in_a_DataTable_and_Updating.xaml (11.6 KB)

Thank you.

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This is way more optimized and might be the best solution. Thank @mini319 !

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