Remove Duplicate rows based on single column and that too if cell starts with specific values

@S_Nitin ,

Great work on finding the solution :smiley:.

Often, we move into conclusions and provide suggestions far from the solution, so we try to understand or analyse from beginning the requirement so that we do not have to make any major changes to switch back to a different solution.

If you have achieved the required result as per the solution you have mentioned, you could close this Topic and mark your post as solution.

However, for clearing the confusions if you do have some time, would want to clarify on the parts for removing rows:
Considering your latest data submitted :

As you can see that I have marked the entire row having unique values of Column2 which starts with M-IND as yellow. Here, the indication what I wanted to provide is can we consider Yellow Mark row to (Yellow Mark Row-1) or Last Row as One Datatable and then Perform removing duplicates based on Column1+Column2 ?

If this is the condition that you are looking for, then you could also check the below workflow (using Linq without Invoke Code) : (12.8 KB)

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