Remove duplicate data but location are different for same ID value then dont remove it

I have this Type of data

  1. Remove all row which has more than one Duplicate Id
  2. Only take which has unique Id value
    ( screenshot I have two different location for same Id Person so dont delete it otherwise all duplicate id row will be delete it
    for above screenshot I want like below output

HI @Garyy

How about this expression?

(From d In DtBuild.AsEnumerable
Group d By k=d("ID").toString.Trim, k2=d("Location").ToString.Trim Into grp = Group
Let ra = New Object(){k,grp.First()(1),grp.First()(2),k2,grp.First()(4),grp.First()(5),grp.First()(6),grp.First()(7),grp.First()(8),grp.First()(9),grp.First()(10),grp.First()(11),grp.First()(12),grp.First()(13),grp.First()(14)}
Select r = DtOutput.Rows.Add(ra)).CopyToDataTable



I believe this is what you need

Dt.AsEnumerable.GroupBy(function(x) x("ID").ToString + x("Location").ToString).Where(function(x) x.Count=1).Select(function(x) x.First).CopyToDataTable