Remove Data Row in the Excel sheet

Hi, am getting as below error while I removing the datarow from the excel.

Below is the excel sheet,

opp.xlsx (11.5 KB)

Can anyone please help me in solving it.
Main.xaml (13.4 KB)

Hi @sushmithaelluru,
From what I see you are not trying to remove column from excel but directly from DataTable. Maybe put just whole DataTable to excel and then at the end use Remove Data Row activity.

Yeah I am trying to remove from data table of that excel sheet. Ok I will try remove data row activity.

Based on this:

You actually not trying to do this for excel sheet. It’s DataRow variable.

Yeahh @Pablito, then how to remove from the excel sheet, any row!

You need to use for example Excel Application Scope activity and point to the excel file then use Remove Data Row activity

Hey @Pablito, can you please help me in removing rows for this below rows:

Authorized Signature,Approval/Certificate No, Name (Typed or Printed):,Date (m/d/y) i.e; (20,21,22,23) from the below pdf.

8130-3_RK_2.pdf (32.5 KB)

This is the excel, am not able to find the index no’s of those rows in the excel.( Converted that pdf to excel using data scraping).

opp.xlsx (11.9 KB)

This is the xaml file,
Main.xaml (19.0 KB)

It’s not that easy. You need to keep data in excel more organized because some rows consist of two identical entries. Like in this example:

It’s one row (number 7) where those marked cells have doubled text. So here any remove rows activity will not work as it is one row with two text, not two rows.

Hello @sushmithaelluru,

A more simple way and something I use a lot is the Invoke VBA activity, this allows you to run a macro without having to change your excel format. This requires a little bit of knowledge of VBA or if it’s something really simple you can just record a macro in excel and paste the code in a notepad, save it and fill the invoke VBA’s 2 fields. Which is just the Path and the name of the macro name. For this to work efficiently, you must enable macros in trust center in excel.


Yeah @Pablito.

Ok @rmunro, I will try. Thanks for suggestion.