Remove Data Row/Column example Compiler Error

Hi I’m trying to practice the for each row example - Remove Data Row/Column, however when setting up the variable RemovedRows of type: List and a Default: New List(Of DataRow) it gives me the following error.

Compiler errors encountered processing expression “New List(Of DataRow)”.
Value of type ‘System.Collections.Generic.List(Of System.Data.DataRow)’ cannot be converted to



ensure this:

it looks to us that the wrong datatype was configured
DataRow is of datatype: System.Data.DataRow


Make sure the Datarow type is System.Data.Datarow

Cheers @deluxesound

Thanks I went to variable type systems.collections.genericlist found datarow and it fixed the error!

Making my way thru the RPA Developer program and got confused by the for each row example as there wasn’t a lot of detail.


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