Remove data column more than 1 column name?

I want to remove data column more than 1 column name.

But show error.

How to edit it.?

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Use two different activities to remove the columns.


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There are two ways to do this

If you know if it’s only two column then it can’t be mention in one single activity

In that case use two activities one after the another


If you have less number of columns and if you want to remove these two columns then mention only the column you want in the below expression

this expression in assign activity

dt = dt.DefaultView.ToTable(False, “ColumnName-1”, “ColumnName-2”,….,”ColumnName-N”)

This will give only the columns you want

Cheers @fairymemay

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There are many ways to remove columns from data table. One of the methods is using activity “Filter Data Table” to remove specified columns. You can refer to the screenshot below.

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