Remove Data Column by index

Hi Guys,

Trying to remove column 6 + 7.
Do I have to use 2 seperate actions or all on one line.
Ive tried in expression 6&7 6,7 (6&7) , no luck. :roll_eyes:

Thanks guys

Hi @MikeC ,

Have you used Filter datatable Activity and mentioned the indices you want to remove?



No buddy, using the remove column activity rather than the filter.
Just wondering if it accepts 6+7 ?


when doing it with remove data column:
2 sperate activities
Start always with the highest index
and delete then descending

otherwise it will get confused as after the first deletion for sure the index are also changed

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Hi Peter, that is quite clunky isnt it, thanks for explaining.
Think il stick with the filter, thanks to all :grinning:

If they are adjacent columns you can start with the lowest and just use the same index number in each activity.

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Ahh interesting :ok_hand:

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