Remove column name from the datatable

[Time 1,Time 2,Time 3,Time 4,Time 5,Time 13,Time 14,Time 15,Time 16,Time 17,Time 18,Time 19,Time 20,
on the above output time 1 to time 20 is an column name of the datatable, i want to remove those column names only so then only i use the below timing data i use for next sequence. In this scenario the column name will be dynamic i want to remove any column name which i got.

Hi @viswanathan.M

You can use the remove data column activity


@Jai_Pande For the above scenario Time1, Time2…Time20 are the headers of my datatable which will be dynamic because i use extractdata table to extract data from the webpage and also i found the soution.


Where the dtTable was output of output datatable activity.

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Stellar @viswanathan.M we can also use the invoke code activity to remove the dynamic columns!

@Jai_Pande ok i got it thanks, i also use this method.

Pleasure! @viswanathan.M
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