Remove all elements from list

How to remove all elements from a list?

assign that list variable = nothing

Thank you

I am getting one of the element status true but but not clicking the element and moving forward

and selectors are also made dynamic

I did not get you.

Tool not able click on element even though selectors are made dynamic

whats the output error?

It is not throwing error, going for next sequence

To remove the all elements in a list variable
in a assign activity mention like this
yourlistvariable = Nothing
and for the selector issue
if possible can i have a view on the selector with that dynamic value for the attribute
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make sure that the variable is mentioned like this

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try with
url = ’ " + row(0).ToString + " '
and make sure that this selector with variable is passed as a STRING between double quotes to the SELECTOR property of CLICK activity
Cheers @KarthikBallary