Remove AD user's from member groups hosted on a different domain

Hello, I am currently working on automating our offboarding processes. As part of the process I need to remove all member groups from the user’s profile. I am able to successfully remove all groups that live on the same domain as the user’s account, however the ‘Remove User From Groups’ activity fails to find any groups that belong to another domain.

When I check to see which groups the user is a member of it is able to find the distinguished name of all of the groups including those on other domains, but when it comes time to actually remove the groups it says it cannot find them. I do not see any way to flag the domain it should look for the member group activity on in the activity itself.

I have tried having the bot connect to the domain that the member group is on and attempting to remove the user from the group from there, but then the bot says it cannot find the user’s account because it lives on the other domain.

Is this functionality not currently supported or is there some other way to go about this? I do not believe it is an account access issue as I am able to remove the groups all at once when doing the process manually.

Has anyone else run into this issue and found a work around?