Remove 1st and last 3words in a string

How to remove 1st 3 words in a string

eg: 279 the human the bulid is good %77 &88 dhe

I need only,
the bulid is good

Please help

@Sweety_Girl Will it always be the First 3 and the Last 3 words to be removed with all the types of string data that you have ?

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@Sweety_Girl Can you try this expression :

String.Join(" ",Split(yourVar).Skip(3).Take(Split(yourVar).Skip(3).Count-3))

This is a bit Complicated, Check if this works for all the input types that you have.
There might be an easier way of doing it. But i coud only think of this method now :sweat_smile:

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Can you tell me how to remove only first 3 words?

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@Sweety_Girl This Should remove only First 3 Words :
String.Join(" ",Split(yourVar).Skip(3))


Thank you so much

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