Removal of just a part of a DataTable value

I’m extracting some data from SAP but the value comes like this

COP 432.446,35

I’m trying to remove the "COP " part and get just the number but leave it in the same position of the Dt

any ideas?

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Can you try this.

Insert For each row activity

  • for your datatable. Say “dt_1”
    Insert IF Activity
  • With the condition. Row.item(“INSERTCOLUMNNAME”).tostring.contains(“COP ”)

Then Branch (within IF Activity)

Insert Assign.

Left Assign:

Right Assign
Row.item(“INSERTCOLUMNNAME”).Tostring.Replace(“COP ”, ””)

This should update the values in the column.

Just update the capital letters with the name of the column.

Hopefully this helps.



For Each r as Datarow in DT.Asenumerable
Next r

Try this with invoke code.

Worked like a charm, thanks

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The solution above worked but I’ll try this one too

Tried, got DT not declared error even tho I changed the datatable name to DT, also got Regex not declared error

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Done, thank you for the solution



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