Remotly machine throw team viewer error

i work on remotly machine throw team viewer i puplish my process on orchestrator and make trigger on it , but when i disconnect of team viewer the process become faulted
and not completed any help for that please ?
this is very neccessry for me

Hello @rpa13 ,

Are you using Enterprise or Community edition?
Did you created as an attended robot or unattended?

Attended robots are not working under locked screens, but unattended works.

Provide some more details how you configured your robot/orchestrator.


i use community edition
i create un attended robot

The attended robot will work only if the user current windows session is up.
If not, your scenario is a fit for an unattended robot.

i use unattended robot already

Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions
i got this error any help from uipath forum support