RemoteRuntime stopped working

Two days ago i had no problems uisng RemoteRuntime for RemoteDesktop.
Today it just stopped working, i even downloaded and installed UiPathPlatformInstaller again (same version than the previous one tho) but yet nothing happened. Clean install also two times, nothing, doesnt recognize any element in the enviroment, and when i try to click (the screen as the element), it throws the error:

Cannot automate remote app: mismatched UiPath package versions. Local Uipath version: ‘20_10_7641_24102’.
Uipath versions available on server: ‘!0_0_7445_17204, 19_10_7452_28108, 20_10_7585_27318, 20_4_7472_17184’


Looks like you have upgraded the UIAutomation.Activities package to 20.10.x and the RemoteRuntime installed in the Citrix environment is 20.4 and earlier.
You need to update the RemoteRuntime to 20.10 as well.

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Thank you for your reply. I downgraded the UiAutomation.Activities and it works fine now, but how can i upgrade the RemoteRuntime? The one in the webpage its not updated to the last version at least

You can download the 21.10.X version from the UiPath Cloud ->Resource Center->Remote Runtime Installers and install it on the remote machine.

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