RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Job Performer was stopped (forced)!

Hello Team,

We have one scheduled job in unattended mode which was forcefully stopped while the executing.
Can I know the reason which might have caused for the same?

Rashmi P


Is there any other jobs are executing while this unattended bot executing?


No jobs are executing while this getting executed.
Is this possible if some one has enabled the Schedule ending of job execution feature in Orchestrator?

Hello @RPA24 - I guess there is some exception occurs at any activity/ workflow since that was not handled in the code its throwing exception and stopping the execution. Can you check the process running in attended mode ? Also, if possible share the orchestrator job logs to understand more in detail

Hello Ushu,

Apologies, since the data in logs is client confidential cannot share the logs.
Regarding exception occurrence, as per my understanding, if at all the exception could have occurred, the logs could have generated stating that the exception has occurred.
But the execution has stopped midway. I’m sharing the details of the trigger in which it is mentioned that the execution was forced stopped.

Let me know looking at the details, if anything can be specified.

Rashmi P.

@RPA24 If already a job is running in a bot if your trying to run same job then we will get this error

If the job could have re-run, then in the Jobs section in orchestrator, it could have reflected. But neither is the case.
Is it an possibility that the server is shutdown ?
But in this case as well, exception message could have popped out with exception as selector not found etc. as it works on website.
Is this possible if some one has enabled the Schedule ending of job execution feature in Orchestrator where the BOT kill time was provided as 1.30 hours?