Remote Version


I have a question about remote runtime.

We installed UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi on a server is the old version, and the latest version is installed on the other. Now you need to close an application on the server page, use “CloseApplication” or click with the mouse, and it cannot be completed on the new version of the server, prompting “cannot access target process! Elevated privileges might be required. Try running the uipath application as an administrator”. Is it compatibility between versions?

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This error comes when we try to access the application via robot but both (application and robot) are running on different level of accesses.

You can have the VM configuration changed to run the robot as a user which has sufficient access to interact with that application.

Alternatively you can check if that is a third party application, you can configure it run as as normal user and not as admin user.

Giving admin rights to robot account is not recommended but if that’s the only requirment then you can do that too by taking required approval from IT, if it is a work laptop.


Thank you for your explanation of the last question. We need to communicate with customers and open users with higher permissions.I wish to consult you on another question.

Iwant to pass remotedesktop to Operation the Server, but always performed on the local computer . For example, operations such as creating folders and writing files will be performed on the local computer rather than the remote server. I want to know why and how to solve it.

Look forward to your advice! Thank you!