Remote robot execution


I deploy my robot on a remote machine, and I need to execute it every day through remote session, but I found the robot do not work when I close the remote session, is there any solutions for this? thanks.


Hi Rudy,

The remote machine is a windows server? Does it have any “Legal Warning” message after you enter username and password and login? If so ,that could be the reason, you may need to ask your IT team to disable any such messages to be clicked during login.

Shiju Mathew


Hello Mathew,
Actually it is just a desktop machine, due to the security requirements, our robot machines are not allowed to settle in an open area so that we put them in a room which need special access right to get in.


Hello @rudy,
Even the desktop machine may have this ‘Legal Warning’ message. Can you see whether any such messages appear when you manually login to the PC to rule out whether this is the root cause?

Shiju Mathew