Remote Exception Wrapping System Exception: Job Stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352

Hello Everyone,

I am encountering an issue pertaining to above reason.
I am getting this error while using Input Dialog activity. I have tried to use a different system, it’s all fine.
Even if I try to print a simple “Hi”, it’s throwing this error. Any suggestions?

Hi @Purohit_Ayush,
Can you share screenshot of the workflow?

Hey @Purohit_Ayush
Can you delete all excel processes from task Manager first and then run your workflow and if still doesn’t work may be the file is corrupted copy the same file information in another excel and then run and see if you are still receiving the error.


My question is not related to excel. But thank you for your suggestion. I saw the post wherein this has been discussed. Doesn’t work for me.

Hi @Purohit_Ayush Can you please restart your system and see how it goes

Hello @Purohit_Ayush

There is change that this might be due to .netframework
Uninstall and .netframework
Restart the system
reinstall .netframework
Try this
Install .netframework repair tool


Ok You can create new process try the same or can you close the studio and restart and check it.


Unfortunately, I am working on a business laptop, and I have very limited control over the installations and upgrading/ downgrading the packages.

So for now, As there there is no concrete solution, as an alternate I am using a code stage
Interaction.InputBox(String, String, String, Int32, Int32) Method to have a input dialog box.
If someone is able to find the solution for this Wrapping system exception, please update the forum.

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Try changing the system activities package version and check if the issue is resolved…

And also can you confirm if its the smae behaviour in any new project also?


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