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Can someone please tell me what is Remote desktop and how do we use it?

Hi @Hitesh1

It is a connection of machine

For eg: you can connect machine B from Machine A

So to launch the Remote Desktop
go to Window run and type mstsc you will be getting remote desktop and then give the ipaddress or hostname in Computer and give the credentials to access another computer

Ashwin S

Which type of project we will create for this?

Hi @Hitesh1

It depends on for how many machines you need for the project to run

Ashwin S

My question is How do you implement this feature
-by using any activity or by using any project template.

I just want to know how do u start working in this feature.

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Hello @Hitesh1, if your question is about how do we automate stuff on remote desktop, then the answer is Native RDP.
It is a addon that you install in your UiPath studio as well on your Remote Desktop, that helps you generate more stable Selectors so you skip automation by picture

Thanks ,…

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