Remote Desktop users unable to connect to orchestrator

Hello every one!

I am testing orchestrator in order to verify all his functionalities however, there is a problem when I tried opening the uirobot setting in my remote session. Most of the users have a remote desktop profile and I have noticed that in this profile the settings are not opened.

is there a solution to be able to connect orchestrator in a session remote with the remote desktop profile?

Do you mean UiRobot is not available under System Tray?

Rammohan B.

Uirobot is available but when I try opening the settings the window doesn’t appear.

I click in this section but as my profile is an remote desktop i cant open the settings.


This make us a little complicated to migrated all our robots to orchestrator because the security politics just let us establish a remote session with the minimum permission as it is possible.

Maybe it will be a great idea to configure the conecction between uirobot and orchestrator with any profile user taking into account that not all the users have administrator rights.