Remote Desktop not working after restoring

I click on a button on IE and it will open an remote desktop connection. But then i cannot access uipath as it covers my whole screen… so i restore the screen… after i restore, it opens like another IE browser window. once that opens i am not able to click on anything in that browser,i.e, remote desktop region. i tried click image and hover image nothing works… there is a warning message box in the remote desktop session on which i need to click yes. but m not able to using click image (it makes a beep sound when it tries to click).
Not getting any errors as well , just the beep sound when it tried to click. I am not using orchestrator here as well.
Would be great if you could suggest. Thnks


When you work with the remote desktops, the window should be visible to the UIPath. Just check if the remote window is visible while you try to click Image activity.

Karthik Byggari