Remote desktop : how to always have the same size windows desktop

Hi everyone

On my machine, Windows server 2016, when i use trigger orchestrator to launch remote desktop, my window , sometime it go 800*600 even when i use mstsc /f. I try with
mstsc /v:CSC-SRV-UIPATH /w:1920 /h:1080 no change. How do i make sure it always got with the same size?


Could you pls refer the below thread. it might helpful for your issue i guess. please try and let us know. thanks.

  1. In the C:\ProgramData\UiPath\UiPath.settings file
    I couln’t open with powershell/note/notepad

  2. On the settings tab of your robot in UiPath Orchestrator
    i didn’t find where it s in the new interface

  3. Potentially by sending the CTRL+SPACE+X hotkey to your program
    did nothing


Open your note pad icon and use crtl + right click enable to option to open the notepad as administrator. then enter the path of the Uipath.Settings file so that you will be able to open. thanks.

HI @BenjenB ,
Open the notepad file and drag and drop “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\UiPath.settings” file, then modify and save


i was missing write right so ask my admin it should work now. i will try now

ok super.

No change
When trigger is not fullscreen but when i launch with assistant i work fine