Remote desktop control Automation is not working when I schedule using orchestrator

Hi ,

I have an issue with Remote Desktop control for Automating my script by using orchestrator scheduler…

I have an application and i’m trying to login the application and scrap all the recording files and then move to my Local folders…

Here the login and scrapping the details is working only when In with active session of my windows…

I need to schedule this process on the daily basis with Remote desktop control. But this automation is not working when Im with inactive session… For this I need to Open my desktop for more than 2 hours on the daily basis shceduled time… Its very complicatiing to do…

Can you please help me how to handle this and Automating the process in background


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i hope you wil be having the process of login in to the RDP session, but ensure that MAXIMIZE window activity is used so that all the activities will be performed only inside that RDP

or may i know what is the issue you facing in exact

Cheers @Pavithran1

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thanks for your reply!!

Actual issue been like the RDP screen need to opened during this RPA process, we need to find a way how we can run this RPA process without the RDP connection/screen view…

For this automation I need to Open the windows server for more than 2 hours to login my browser and Scrap records on the daily basis at the shceduled time using orchestrator scheduler… Its very complicating to do … Without active session of windows the automation is not working

Hi @Palaniyappan Do you have any idea on this!!