Remote Desktop Connection inside a Remote Desktop Connection


I have a use-case in which I need to connect to a server from a server.
The connection is working perfectly with the first server, but not in the second server.
I saw this documentation explaining how to resolve the issue (I think…) : Microsoft RemoteApp and Desktop Troubleshooting

But I don’t know where to find the RDP file and where to put the line below


If someone has an idea, thanks in advance for your help!

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When you are opening a remote desktop connection, there is a button called “Save As”. This will save the connection details as a RDP file.
Once you have the RDP file saved go to the location you saved the file and open the file using notepad or notepad ++ .Add the “disableconnectionsharing” parameter and save the update.
Double click on the updated RDP file which will open a new Remote desktop session.

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