Reliable selector for Save As Address bar

I have been experimenting with different selectors for the address bar in the save as dialog. I want to type in a certain directory into the address bar but sometimes it will fail. This is usually the case whenever I test the bot on a different PC. What I find to be the most reliable one is to click on the drop down arrow and then have a type into activity for the address bar. I find that only using a type into activity on the address bar will cause it to click on a specific directory and then mess up the whole work flow. For example:
If I had this in my address bar, there is a very high chance the bot will click on “My Received Files” instead of the actual address bar and cause it to fail to type.

Is there a reliable selector for save as dialog address bar?

Instead you can type the full path in the file name itself

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Thanks, never knew you could save like that.

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