Release: Automation Cloud Migration Tool

We’re excited to announce that the UiPath Automation Cloud Migration Tool is now live! This freely downloadable tool makes it much easier to move an Orchestrator tenant (or tenants) to Automation Cloud for enterprise from an on-premises installation – it does most of the work for you.


If you are considering a migration from on-prem to Automation Cloud for enterprise, this should further reduce the time and effort required.

It’s also a great way to start prototyping or evaluating Automation Cloud services at no risk - it does not alter the source tenant in any way, and you can use it with the free Automation Cloud for enterprise 60 day trial (available here), so it’s a low-effort way to recreate your on-prem Orchestrator architecture in the cloud for a fast start on evaluation.

Full documentation and the download link are here. Thank you to all the preview customers and partners who helped validate this too during the final weeks of development. We hope the tool proves helpful to you, and thanks for being a UiPath customer!


@Geoff looks great! It would be awesome to have a tool similar to this for migrating on a more regular basis during a regular release (thinking more toward CI/CD pipeline). Currently it’s pretty manual to move things from one Orchestrator (e.g. nonProd) to another (e.g. prod) unless you build a custom solution using APIs.

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