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Hai all…
In anchor base activity , while using find element activity it captures the whole page but unable to capture the exact label, How to capture the exact label?

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@Nandhuba Can you show us in a Screenshot What you want to Extract and also the Selector for that?

I need to select first name label only but it selects all over the page

@Nandhuba No, I guess it’s Possible to Select Only the Label as well

Of course I know it’s Possible … But I’m unable to do it… text area is selected easily but label cannot selected

@Nandhuba What Activity are you using ? Find Element ?

@supermanPunch yeah

@Nandhuba Which Browser are you using ?

@supermanPunch I’m Frequently using Firefox Only

@Nandhuba Firefox Extension is Enabled?

@supermanPunch Yes I’m enable the Firefox Extension Already…

@Nandhuba Have you tried removing the Extension and Enabling it again?

@supermanPunch thanks fr ur instant response… I’ll do it now

@supermanPunch Same problem occurred even if I do that

Hii, do you have IE in your system.

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@sowndaryacse1505 I Had IE

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If you not get a exact output through firefox , you can use internet Explorer for get the exact output. Kindly use internet Explorer.
Happy automation :relaxed:

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@bcorrea Hello :pray: … Why Firefox throws this kind of error? Like above

I think firefox extension is not correctly installed. Please check your extension is enable or not.

usually is because the extension, if you can try with IE and it works, then you know it is the extension…