Relational DB and Non-Relational DB (Elastic Search) in Ui Path Infrastructure

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It is recommended to use non-relational DB like Elastic Search over Relational DB while setup Ui Path Infrastructure. What is reason behind this.

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Hi @Ashish6541
Elasticsearch is optional and is used to store messages logged by the Robots. Logs can be sent to ElasticSearch and/or to a local SQL database, thus enabling you to have non-repudiation logs. When using both ElasticSearch and SQL, they do not affect each other if one of them encounters a problem. These parameters can be changed from the web.config :copyright:

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@Maneesha_de_silva - Thanks Sir. I understand your point here. We can use either of the data storage here in this case, depending the infrastructure. My question here is, is there any benefits of using ES instead of SQL. Like it may be faster or something or there are some performance benefits if any ?

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Yes ,
Main Benefit for the reporting, you can connect Elastic Search in to any other Reporting layer Eg .Kibana , Uipath Insight

and other benefit is that performance of your Orchestrator DB , Because data logs will be pass in to ES , If not rest data also logs in the same Orchestrator DB DB

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Thanks I can now connect the concept here.

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