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In reframe work initialization stage
Got system.exception bot is moving to end stage
Is there any option to retry in initialization stage if we got system.exception

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You can do however, if there is a system.exception in initialise, there is something fundamentally wrong which needs sorting. If you want you can look at the transitions.

Yeah there is a issue with application when bot kill the application 1 r 2 times in application we r getting error

Hi @Arya_Squares

if you really want to try , then surround that with try catch and try once more in catch block

Hi @Arya_Squares

You can try move the Application steps to Process Transaction or Use Try catch


Hi @Arya_Squares ,

If there’s a need of retrying in Init State (for example Init all applications, where you open browser and login to application or similar cases) then you can surround your workflow in a Retry Scope activity and leave the condition block empty so it will be retried if there’s any system exception occurs in Init all applications / your required sequence.


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Thank q soo much rohit

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