Related to Front Application

I have HRM application,can i handle the hrm appliction through uipath.
Example-I have multiple documnet(payroll,reliving,experience letter) and i have datatable
through datatable i can extract the eployee information and replace the content in documents.
But my need i will create a app through .net and handle all situation in frontend and my bot working in backend.Is it possible?

Hi @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana

Yes its possible. There are two options

  1. If your HRM application supports API then you cna create a background process on the same system the BOT can run in background
  2. If you need to work on UI then you can have a virtual environment setup where the request can be posted to BOT via queue (add the data from your app to UIPath queue using API) and then bot posted the data back to a DB and the app can read the data back or an api if created for your app then the response can be given by bot on to the API