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i have data of about 56743 row in excel
what i want to do is i want to pick first 1000 row and then after next 1000 row data and so on


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There are multiple ways to achieve this problem,

One of the way is

  1. Get the last column from the excel

  2. Use read range command and give the range from A1:”Last Column”1000

  3. This will give you the data table for your first 1000 rows

  4. Again follow the same step 2 and this time give the range as A1001:”Last Column”2000

  5. As per you problem you have fixed rows or better dynamically get the last row index of the range then use it instead of 2000

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its giving me error * is prohibited


Can you try the following xaml?

Sequence.xaml (8.6 KB)

Or can you share screenshot of the error?


@manoj_verma1 You can take define two variables with default values as 1 and 1000

Pass these variables in the read range. Once the actions done increment these values to 1001 and 2000. Pass these updated values again the read range so it reads from 1001 to 2000