Regular Expressions problem

Hi all,

If i have the following string, how can i get “X of X” (x = page number) with RegularExpressions?

eg: “Page : 1 of 1”
I can use “[0-9]+ of [0-9]+”

but how about
“Page :
of 1”

Thanks so much

In the match activity there is a multiline option in the properties pane, have you tried that?

Something like the below :

This checks for spaces and new lines inbetween

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O, i have not used this before.
Should i use “Is Match” or “Matches”?


Yes you can use either depending on what you want, if you want to determine if the string includes you regex and return a boolean use Is Match,

Matches will find all instances of the regex in the string and return them as an array

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