Regular expressions are loosing special symbols during publication at forum

Hi, it would be very useful when website form for comments has special option ( butob?) for automatic convert selected text to expose symbols “consumed” by html.

Ive noticed that when had tried publish regular expression .

example: text just paste looks like “(?<=()(?\d{4})(?\D)(?\d{4}|present)(?=))”,
but expected to be seen as “(?<=\()(?<from>\d{4})(?<dash>\D)(?<To>\d{4}|present)(?=\))”

Hi @alex.glebov,
Unfortunate this is hard coded in the platform. We don’t have possibility to edit it but you could suggest your thought directly to :wink:

nope. “fix world internet” too hard for me.
just as last attempt to make workd better is to pass that suggestion to the forums’ website admins they can add button like “block quote” or “preformatted text” with required for our case prepositioning backslash in selected string. is is standard operation at websites with dynamic content.


Hi @alex.glebov

Try this syntax:



It is three of this character:

Also, you can enclose a one liner with the two of this character, like so:

hi , Thanks for idea.

looks now <html>“(?<=\()(?<from>\d{4})(?<dash>\D)(?<To>\d{4}|present)(?=\))”</html>
fo from dash and to missed again

I edited your post with the code bock formatting :wink:

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Nice! can it be a button in the edit post’s form ?
“<text><test> ”

Outcome: to expose text “as it is” without loosing symbols which might be consumed by website we need to wrap the text by symbol `
for example text surrounded by html tags looks like


but wrapping it by ` makes tags visible
…any texts…

Thank you , loginerror for your input.

Kind regards,

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