Regular Expression won't find Matches

I am using the Matches Activity to search for a certain pattern, I tried this pattern on several sites, such as Regex101,, and the pattern matches with the submitted text, I have done this same pattern matching as a single activity on a test robot, and it returns matches, however, when I use the same activity on my actual robot, it doesn’t return any matches. Any ideas? Test


Resulting Matches (Empty)

Regex Options: IgnoreCase, Multiline

@Iveen_Duarte Is it possible to attach your workflow


Try the below pattern.

Banded Pricing[\s\S]*(mono Banding[\s\S]*)(no PPI[\s\S]*)(Color Banding[\s\S]*)(Color PPI[\s\S]*)

If the above pattern doesn’t works, then share your text and pattern here as an text not screenshot image.