Regular expression to identify multiple newline or whitespace

Hi Team,

I am able to identify case number but i need to use exact new line and white space and don’t know how to give a pattern to identify multiple newline

Pattern = (?<=case number\n\n\s\s\s)\d+(?=.) -

"Hello customer

Thank you for contacting us.

This is your case number

  1. Thank you for your feedback."


i gave like this to identify if multiple new line or white space but it did not work


Hi @Boopathi,

try this pattern: (?<=case number)([\S\s]*\d+)

regexCaseNo.xaml (4.2 KB)


hi @kadiravan_kalidoss

Thank you. It works and can we not use * symbol inside positive look behind? coz in online regex it shows alert “a quantifier inside the lookbehind makes non width.”


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